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Hiking + Yoga + Meditation in Swiss Alps

Kandersteg valley, with its beautiful lake Oeschinensee, is an oasis for guests all over the world. Surrounding majestic mountains create a paradise for walkers and hikers, climbers and paragliders alike, while couples and families are attracted to some of the most beautiful attractions that the valley offers, including Dhammapala monastery and International Scout Centre.

We offer 3 standard (7-10-14 days) packages in 3 hiking (valley-mountain-summit) levels for hikers and walkers of all abilities, as well as special client support program for those who have mobility restrictions. Our goal is clients, guests and residents involvement into the ELECTRIC CARS Hiking Service. Detailed itinerary schedule you can find in section BOOKING.

Hiking + Yoga + Meditation
“If you’re a keen walker or hiker, Switzerland is a wonderful destination: the views are spectacular, the air is clear and you can get some peace and quiet.”

Therese May, British Prime Minister, after a recent holiday to the Alps

Victoria + Bire + ChurchExploring, camping and hiking in Switzerland’s mountains and valleys will not disappoint anyone who has dreamed of visiting the Alps. The richness of the rural mountain landscapes, complemented with the possibility for daily yoga and pranayama routines to gain the maximum health benefits from the environment, lead to a wonderfully rewarding hike through the alpine scenery. In addition, the possibility to visit some of Switzerland’s hidden treasures, such as the Dhammapala Buddhist Monastery and historic buildings like the village church from 1510 or the cantonal monument SamisHus from 1556, all in the beautiful hamlet of Kanderstag, make for an unforgettable experience. Nestled in the Kander Valley, Kandersteg is surrounded by impressive waterfalls, snow-capped peaks, many reaching to over 12,000 feet high, lush alpine meadows, rich forests and beautifully preserved farms.

We offer the following Hiking-levels in the Kandersteg hiking paradise:

  • cable car valley walking (Öschinensee, Sunnbüel, Almenalp) – this is best for first time visitors, or just to get a feel for the benefits of hiking
  • mountain paths hiking (First, Blüemlisalphütte, Gasterntal) – circular routes around Kanderstag make for the moderate hiker to put his boots to the test
  • summit and glacier touring (Blüemlisalphorn, Kanderfirn, Altels) – explore some of the most stunning sights of Switzerland from the peak. Suggested for experienced hikers, alpinists and climbers only.

Overall, upto 550 km of walking, hiking and mountain trails in and around Kanderstag can equip you with the best that Switzerland has to offer.

Kandersteg area belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch,
Alps region including the magic mountains Jungfrau, Mönch and Eiger.


Das Dhamma YogaOur very experienced yoga teacher from Dhamma Yoga Germany based on sivananda yoga fundamentals– Matthias Madhura Das –will lead you through pranayama and asana classes in the mornings and evenings, while there is an option for guided vipassana meditations as well. Supervised group hikes with outdoor yoga and meditation sessions make up the majority of the day, with a chance for deep relaxation at the Kanderstag International Scout Centre. Visiting sites such as monasteries and historic places are spread over every couple of days as well.

The ambition of SwissHike Project is providing of the ELECTRIC CARS KANDERSTEG Hiking Service. We would like to offer you, and especially clients with mobility restrictions, the possibility of visiting different meditation centers in Switzerland.


Accommodation in Kanderstag International Scout Centre with breakfast and dinner, yoga classes, meditation sessions.


Air fare, lunch, individual transfers, optional excursions, unexpected or unscheduled transfers, additional luggage transfer costs, items not on set dinner menu, beverages, insurance, tips to leaders/guides, items of personal nature.

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  • Kandersteg - mountain resort with 1,230 inhabitants and about 3000 accommodation beds on the upper reaches of the river Kander; valley at an altitude of 1,170 meters is surrounded on all sides by majestic rocks with the highest peaks Blüemlisalphorn 3663 m and Balmhorn 3699 m; a favourite destination for tourists from all around the world in both summer and winter.
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